Equity share

I would like to structure an equity share deal with my landlord should I hire a lawyer?

Equity Share

Yes you should contact a lawyer, you could be getting into a security issue, which means if your landlord is strictly a passive equity partner and you are managing the deal it could be considered a security.
We raise equity for our projects so we are considered to be creating a security but if you follow the regulations you do not have to register it.
You can talk to a real estate attorney but there are security attorneys that special in structuring equity investments.

Equity share agreements were the thing of the day back in the late 1970"s and 80"s. Try googling equity share and see what you get.

I don’t see this as a securities issue as much as just a partnership issue. But I would recommend you hire an attorney to draft the agreement. Another way to skin the proverbial cat is to get the landlord to carry the terms, and just have a provision in the security instrument and note that gives him a share of the appreciation in value. Same result, but don’t really have to deal with having a partner.