evicting a mobile home from your park - Posted by Mark Vidales

Posted by David S on January 25, 2001 at 17:05:58:

but something that park owners have to do from time to time.

In GA, we are required to give proper notice to vacate the premises. After all is done, you have to go to the Magistrate Court for a Disposessory (Dispo) Warrant. After the M-Court hearing, if any, you will be allowed to remove the mobile home from your property at YOUR expense. The law is clear in that you have the right to place the mobile home on the nearest public owned property; the street.

You also have the right to pay someone else to move the mobile home for you at YOUR (or their) expense. If this is your choice, the mover can hold the mobile home in “storage”, place a lien on it, just as you can, then hope for the best.

In short, it’s a pain in the A$$. You would come out much better buying it if you can.

David S

evicting a mobile home from your park - Posted by Mark Vidales

Posted by Mark Vidales on January 24, 2001 at 12:57:03:

I recently purchased a small park in the Clearlake area of California. It has been pretty steady cash flow for the size park. It’s a 12 space vanilla park, nothing sexy. I have to evict some residents in the park, I’m evicting them and their mobile home for non payment of rent and just being rowdy.

My question is has anyone had to evict mobile homes from your park. Assuming those of you who have parks in California. I have an attorney working on it. It can get expensive. My question is does anyone know a good eviction attorney in my area? I’m not sure my attorney is getting very aggressive and feel I’m being milked for hourly fees.

Thanks in advance to all of you.