financing a deal - Posted by La'Donna Turnipseed-Scott

Posted by carhee on May 26, 2006 at 12:06:17:

There are plenty of good commercial loan programs available for you. It will not matter much if your husband is the secondary borrower unless your income is substantially higher and your credit substantially better. I suggest making your offer now if you really want the property so no one gets ahead of you…your offer is contingent on the first offer falling through…just remember if it ain’t in writing on the signed real estate contract …It AIN’T SO!!!.

financing a deal - Posted by La’Donna Turnipseed-Scott

Posted by La’Donna Turnipseed-Scott on May 25, 2006 at 13:10:29:

I am looking specifically for a lender or loan program, where I am the principal
borrower with my husband as a secondary borrower. The property I’m looking
at is under a bad contract so I have a chance to get it…it is zoned commercial
and is a two in one property, (a commercial site
in the front with a storage/efficiency in the back)…in other words, two rents from
one property. It needs a little work, so it is priced almost 24 dollars
below the average square footage for the area. How should I go about getting the financing? I have until May 31st to submit an
alternate offer once the original deal expires. It is going bad because
the deposit check to take the deal off the market is not good.