Finding an owner that is nowhere to be found - Posted by JBittel

Posted by Dee in CA on February 27, 1999 at 02:04:55:

Howdy John
A webb site that ive been using with much better luck that the assesors office online is KNOWX.COM
Found 5 owners that the assessors office did not list, in fact they still had previous owners listed. Surf the site for awhile and you’ll find alot of info that could be of great help to you… bought a house today that KNOWX.COM had current owners info listed that Ive been chasing down for 2 weeks with no luck with assessors office. Skip tracers or private investigators as they’re called out here is a great way to go and reasonable, but knock on a few doors first or ask the mail carrier on the route, you’d be amased at what they can tell you.
good luck and happy hunting


Finding an owner that is nowhere to be found - Posted by JBittel

Posted by JBittel on February 27, 1999 at 24:25:35:

I have found a good rehab home. Needs work but the owners are not to be found. County tax assessor lost track of them last year or so. 2 qtrs are owed on taxes (someone has been paying them for the years this house was vacant.) it is currently boarded up. Tax records show no liens. The fowarding address has expired. I searched the internet white pages, no luck. I will try knocking on neighbors doors tomorrow. I searched the county tax records.
Does anyone have any suggestions how to find these types of owners. Should I hire a skip tracer? All I have to go on is their names. No other info.

Thanks in advance.

See you in Dallas.

John (NJ)