Finding Movers.. - Posted by jp(sc)

Posted by Ken on October 27, 2005 at 15:27:58:

They might be…but I have found, in my limited experience, that calling upon the PM of the destination park (if that is the case here…and I don’t know that)is or may be a good way to get a reliable mover. The PM may have a vested interest in seeing the MH accurately moved and “set up” in their park. I’ve got a great horrer story with this facet of the business…some day I may share it…I don’t share it now because it still is somewhat fresh and it depresses me, and I’m trying to have a good day!! Just be careful with a move…as Lonnies’s books indicate…it is expensive but it can be done if everything adds up and you are aware of all and I mean all the details of what will happen at the other end.
Hope this helps and all the best!

Finding Movers… - Posted by jp(sc)

Posted by jp(sc) on October 27, 2005 at 13:32:49:

Anyone else having trouble finding MH movers? My local guys won’t return calls. Are they all working for FEMA now?

Hi, I only use services of California movers, they can come to your place, check the quality of every item packaging and rewrap all unsecure items so it will not break during transportation.
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