First time Home buyer


Hello I am Looking for a investor to Purchase my Dream home I have been renting for years paying of someone else mortgage. Today I was approved buy a lender but he wanted me and my husband to pay 1000 dollars a month on a 100,000 dollar mortgage and when ask way he said because of my credit cards and the bad thing about it is I am paying on them although it’s a close account so my real estate agent told me to look for a private lender I have lived in my home for 5 years and the bad thing about it is my land lord only paid 18’000 for my home and my rent is 750 so he has made his money back.


Look for ads on Craigslist that say, “For sale or lease”. These are your best candidates for an owner carry. Negotiate with a seller to put a small down and carry the payments at a reasonable rate of interest (6% or less). That should put your payment about $550-600/month. Remember, you pay taxes and insurance on top of that, so it will likely be more than $750 total.


You can also list your property via real estate brokers in your area to sell it more faster.


Go for ads like buy or rent lease…Those are looking will definitely contact with you.Real estate business is fully practically do by the agents, property dealers.


We also had a hard time in buying our first home. To get the best house for us, that fits to our finances. Thanks to my friend who introduce Perry Allen to us. Perry is best in taking care of all the processes for us to get the best home.


Buying home is a huge responsibility. If you looking for a home buyer firstly you understand the importance and responsibilities of home-ownership.Make a list of the things you’ll need and want in your home.Get some idea how to cover the space ,for bedrooms ,kitchen, wash rooms.choose the best one where you are going to live should be done with care.


My advice for you is to talk to reputable realtors in your area about the real estate climate. Ask them if prices for houses rise or fall.


My advice is, you should update your listing on real estate websites. Those who are looking for will contact you in short period of time. Updating on real estate websites is one of the used and great ideas to sell your property. Through these websites, many investors will contact you.


Are you sure this is the best solution for you? I don’t know how much is your current mortgage. There are many types of loans and many types of dwellings. You could start with something small if you wanted a low monthly payment. Before buying your first home, you should have learned more about real estate. There are so many real estate terms that you will probably not understand when talking to a real estate agent. So, do your homework first, then test the waters and go house-hunting.


Contact reliable and trustworthy real estate agent or seller. Also, you need to study market trend to know whether your investment is going on right path or not.


Buying a house come with a lot responsibilities. For that you need to find trustworthy property manager to make your buying process stress free, because these real estate agents know the market trend very well and they will try to choose the best option as much as possible.


Real estate agent, property dealers will help you easily to sell home,save your time and energy.


Really, it is good news for me and learn how people present their business here.