Foreclosure Mailings - Posted by Robert

Posted by M. Osterman on July 30, 2003 at 11:37:25:

I would, I do everyday. I started about three weeks ago and have gotten a few calls. Signed up a short sale too. The ones that have called are the ones that have gotten my second or third mailings. It also helps if you knock on the doors of these folks.


Foreclosure Mailings - Posted by Robert

Posted by Robert on July 29, 2003 at 20:15:34:

In my county here in Florida, Foreclosure Suits are listed on the clerks web sight the day suit is filed. I have access to this on a daily basis. I have a form letter for persons listed as owner / defendant of these pre-foreclosures. Should I send a letter to all of them and on the first day? Should I wait? In the last 5 days there have been 35 suits filed. Should I just send these out regular postage? I appreciate any useful tips you may offer me in contacting these leads.

Thank you Joe very much.