Former newbies: What gets you over the hump? - Posted by Ray-SRQ

Posted by Philip on June 25, 2003 at 15:37:47:

just small talk your first 3 visits to a PM, but don’t waste their time.
If that isn’t good enough take a “partner” with you who makes you more comfortable.
Philip (I am still new!)

Former newbies: What gets you over the hump? - Posted by Ray-SRQ

Posted by Ray-SRQ on June 25, 2003 at 14:40:58:

You’ve read your Lonnie books and you’ve done all your research.

You’ve also poured through the posts on this wonderful forum.

You’ve got around $5,000 in cash ready to go with another $5k in reserves.

You’ve got an answering service all set up and ready to field your calls & queries.

Now how do you get over the hump to really get started? That’s my problem. It’s like I’ve hit some hidden wall. Maybe it’s inertia and fear? I’m a very shy individual so I know I have to overcome that and just push forward. Maybe I’m afraid I haven’t covered all the bases, or I’m scared at the process of having to deal with park managers. I don’t know, but something clenches in my heart and keeps me from going forward.

Have some of you gone through this? How did you overcome it?


Re: Former newbies: What gets you over the hump? - Posted by ScottH

Posted by ScottH on June 30, 2003 at 21:20:57:

I am beginning to break the ice with a PM and it took 3 trips to find out that they have a MH that has been left by the tenant for a YEAR. They were having a Lawyer work on it (every call is $) I said "How about you let me try to get the title…If I get it, I keep the home here and pay 1/2 (1200.00) the outstanding lot rent? If I don’t do anything, you are not out anything) She had that folder open and was writing in no time. It might not amount to anything but if I help her with this “problem” I bet she will call me with the next one!



Re: Former newbies: What gets you over the hump? - Posted by Lyal

Posted by Lyal on June 26, 2003 at 07:35:33:

Yep, most of us (well maybe with the exception our gregarious friend the Doc) have gone through this. What you are actually learning to do here is LISTEN. It takes practice. Ride through some parks and when you see someone outside, just stop and chat (“Nice truck…, or Did you put up that fence yourself?, or Was that your Boa Constrictor that just slithered across the road?..” well you get the picture), just get the conversation started and try to LISTEN. Resist the urge to chatter on about what you do (I"m an investor and I’m looking for homes to buy that I can resell and make big money, The guy’s name is Lonnie Scruggs…yadda) then maybe after you talk to a few people and your mouth isn’t dry as the desert anymore try “This looks like a nice park, do you know of any homes for sale for a decent price??” and “Do you know anything about it?”. Then just go with the flow and LISTEN. After a bit you can practice talking to some of the people you are referred to or when you see a little, hand-lettered “For Sale” sign in the window, stop and knock on the door, again just for practice without any thought of buying (not worring about the buy part now takes some of the pressure off and helps you relax a bit). Doesn’t matter if they’re our target motivated seller or not. You just want to practice looking at homes until you can remember what to ask when the time comes to get serious with a motivated seller.
At the same time, you should practice making some phone calls. Shoot for one a day. When you start out, you’ll stumble around etc but as time goes on you’ll get better and more confident (I remember hanging up just as one person answered the phone I was so nervous…). Then you start practicing probing for motivation etc and before you know it you’ll be asking "If I paid you cash today…"
Few people are good at it from the start. It’s a process and it takes practice and persistence like anything worthwhile.
All the best, Lyal

Re: Former newbies: What gets you over the hump? - Posted by chris - ny

Posted by chris - ny on June 25, 2003 at 20:27:58:

you can overcome this by thinking about how much money this idle time is costing you. you will never feel ready to do your first deal. it sounds like you have done your research, now go make some money!!