Fraudulent items on credit report - Posted by Fred

Posted by James Mc (IL) on July 02, 2003 at 02:36:48:

With Experian, thet have a web site. For 40-50 per year you can subscribe and pull your credit any time you want. Their is a dispute method on-line.

I have also used Lexington Law out of Utah. They charge so much a month.

Also look on the net. Their are credit fixers that will work on one file only. is a busy board with credit info.

Whatever she does it may take time month or so to months. Try a l/o to hold her in place until she gets it straightened out.

James Mc (IL)

Fraudulent items on credit report - Posted by Fred

Posted by Fred on July 01, 2003 at 17:53:28:

I have a buyer for one of my houses. There are 2 fraudulent items on her Experian report. Apparently someone opened up some accounts in her name when she was 16 years old and then defaulted on payments. She disputed the items with all three bureaus and they agreed to remove them, except for Experian. Now the lender says that they won’t make the loan unless the charge offs are paid off. The total is $1300 which this lady does not have. Any suggestions to get these off her Experian report. Thanks

Re: Fraudulent items on credit report - Posted by Nodja

Posted by Nodja on July 24, 2003 at 21:13:57:

My husband has had a similar experiance w/ Experian. They had a garnishment on him from a County Clerk from another part of the state we live in, I have disputed this item 3 times and they tell me I cannot dispute it again. I had to end of getting the Clerk to get a judge to sign a letter with his seal and signature on it. As of June 19th it was still listed on there. I also got help from a local credit reporting agency ( Clarksville Tenn. Credit Bureau). It should be off now, I sent off for a new report last week. The clerk of this county even tried to call Experian to tell them they had no such dockett # or person on file, however that did not work either. I started this investigation in Feb. 03, so it does take time but the effort has paid off. My suggestion is for her to contact a local reporting agency and see if they can help her, she may even want to try and talk to a supervisor at the CRA. I wish her luck. Experian has given me so much trouble whereas the other two credit bureaus have been very helpful to me.

Re: Fraudulent items on credit report - Posted by michaela-ATL

Posted by michaela-ATL on July 05, 2003 at 17:29:35:

Are these items reported by the original creditor or by a collection agency?
If it’s a collection agency, then she can do this:
Send a certified return receipt letter (or express mail for time) to the collection agency asking for debt validation (go to and read up on this). Within 5 days of receipt of that letter they will have to put the item in dispute, which means it will not show when the lender pulls a new credit report. They have a total of 30 days to provide the debt validation, which they can’t do, because they’re not the original debtor (catch 22 :wink: ). After that they will have to delete the item off the report. If they don’t report the item n dipute within 5 days they’re in violation of the ‘fair credit reporting act’, if they don’t provide proof within 30 days they’re in violation. If they don’t delete, if no proof within 30 days they’re in violation. She can then sue in small claims court.

She can also write a nutcase letter (check archives in discussion group. ) to the collection agency, which might serve the purpose here.

Good luck