General Labor - Posted by Alex

Posted by BilLW on January 18, 2001 at 22:53:29:

Alex, I believe all states have worker’s compensation laws that require whoever pays the worker to carry worker’s comp. If you’re paying the organization, they should be carrying worker’s comp. You can request that they have their agent send you with a copy. Just be aware that many times you will find that there is none, as you suspected. If this is the case, contact your insurance agent and discuss getting your own comp. policy from them. It’s not as expensive as you might think and it’s WAY cheaper than the alternative. Do you realize there are lawyers out there who specialize in “getting” employers who don’t provide comp. Just look in the yellow pages and you’ll see their ads. You could lose your house, your wages for years and more. Comp is CHEAP compared to this. Talk to your insurance agent.

General Labor - Posted by Alex

Posted by Alex on January 18, 2001 at 20:50:56:

Anyone have any experience with using labor pool type folks?

There is an organization in my city where people can go, just sober, without a job, or simply just down on their luck and be paid to work by the day.

The work is usually general labor stuff like moving, yard work, property clean up, hauling sheetrock up several stories…you know, muscle stuff. The hourly rate is very affordable and the guys get paid in cash at the end of the period for which they work.

I’m thinking about using them to do a property clean up…tear out old carpet, clean up the yard, etc.

I’m wondering about liability issues with this sort of thing. What if one of these guys falls on my property? Clearly, they are in no position to supply their own workers comp insurance…and I’m quite certain their labor pool organization doesn’t either. Do you ask them to sign a release of liability up front?

Anyone have any experience here?