Getting Started - Posted by Brandi Bernazzani

Posted by Ed Garcia on December 30, 2000 at 14:11:32:


There is no question that you’re in a tuff market for an investor.

But let me ask you a question? Do you thin that if Donald Trump was living in your area he’d find a deal? Now I know that’s a little far fetched for me to use him as an example, but why not. I know you’re thinking that he is more resourceful than you but believe it or not his cash is not as his knowledge and contacts or network. Proof of that statement, is that there are a lot of people or investors in your area who are financially resourceful, and who are in the same dilemma.

I think the first thing for you to do, is to “think outside of the box”. Rather than be victimized by a buyers market, you should look for properties which have what we call “upside potential”.

Perhaps a two-bedroom house, that ad on value could be added, if you added another bedroom and a bath. Perhaps a small house you could tear down and build a new larger house. Perhaps an apartment complex, which could be converted to condos. I could go on, but I’m sure you’re getting the picture.

If you’re concerned bout your personal resources? Again creativity will have to play apart, meaning not only finding properties with upside potential, but to negotiate with sellers who may not see their property as marketable or valuable as it could be and will work a deal to help market it. Example, the seller sells you the property as a two bedroom and agrees to subordinate to a construction loan as well as carry back a second in order for your to build the ad on bedroom and bath.

Brandi, I’m introducing you to a way of thinking, so my examples are not meant to be exact. They are meant to be eye openers, to get you to think about properties and their best possible use in your area.

I hope I’ve given you some food for thought,

Ed Garcia

Getting Started - Posted by Brandi Bernazzani

Posted by Brandi Bernazzani on December 28, 2000 at 15:30:26:


I have found this site outstanding and really appreciate all the information. I have done some of my homework, gone through part of a Carleton Sheets program and have been doing research. However, I live in San Francisco and the market here is incredible. People are bidding and outbidding eachother for property. In fact, recently a two b/r condo with no backyard went on the marktet for 625K and sold a week later for more than 800K. I am thinking to relocate to an area where the real estate possibilites are more in my league. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas. I really want to get started but am hesitating at these enormous price tags and bidding wars. The .com market has really changed real estate in the Bay area. Thank you all in advance for your responses.

Brandi Bernazzani