Give me your best guess on REPAIR COSTS!!!!!!!!!! - Posted by Billy

Posted by Billy on May 28, 2004 at 24:37:19:

I got a filthy house that is 1400 square feet.
3 br 2 bath 2 car.


Double Garage door
Flooring throughout carpet and vinyl 1400 sq feet
Mini blinds in 9 windows average size
2 Toilet floats and insides
Replace glass in sliding glass door cracked
2 broken window panes average size bedroom windows
Kitchen cabinets need 2 doors these cabinets are made of birch plywood.
2 Kitchen drawers are missing and need new drawer made to fit
Kitchen cabinets need to be painted
Kitchen light over breakfast area
5 x 6 area in ceiling drywall needs cutting out and replacing
4 closets need sliding doors installed
about 5 A/C vents need replacement
Paint house inside and outside
6 areas wood trim is rotten and needs wood replaced
Area outside house about 20 x 10 needs new siding
New siding needed around chimney from ground up to top (one story house)
2 bathroom sink cabinets needs painting and some wood repair
bathroom wall near tub area is wet and drywall will need replacement
4 doors need pre hung door with molding
2 toilet seats
3 ceiling fans needed
4 light fixtures
3 GFI switches needed
smoke alarms
12 feet of privacy fence needed

I plan to fix this house up so I can sell via Lease /Option
All the major systems roof, ac, bathroom tub shower area etc. seem to be working ok.

I know that you can not give good estimates without seeing home but for all you rehabbers what do you think it would cost to make these repairs? 5K, 10K, 15K, 20K, 25K? I do not plan to do any of the actual work myself.

This house is in a working class neighborhood not in an area where they need fancy high cost upgrades. I just want to make the house presentable and sellable.