Going into the note business? - Posted by Theo

Posted by neil on September 26, 2001 at 12:06:49:

Hey Theo

Yes I ve heard of this course, better still Im doing it.

Why? interesting question.

  1. I like the way it was presented …not as a get rich quick idea but a practical way to work from home to make a generous income.
  2. After having spent some time going through the course, Im seeing the way that it is easy to follow and even more then that…,… the approaches that are presented are practical.
  3. The support network is there and in place to help.
    Many more reasons but hope this helps with a few.

No i dont work for them:)

Good Luck

Going into the note business? - Posted by Theo

Posted by Theo on September 26, 2001 at 09:41:33:

I have become interested in REI and have been doing a lot of reading and educating myself with my market… I can across an infomercial, “Winning in the Cashflow Business by Russ Dalbey.” This entails getting involved in buying and listing notes… I would like to know if anyone has ever heard of this course, and would they recommend it???

Re: Going into the note business? - Posted by Alysssa

Posted by Alysssa on February 18, 2002 at 17:16:36:

I purchased this course about 3 weeks ago. It has alot of good information with forms & telephone scrpts available, as well.
What they don’t tell you is it’s harder to find notes, than they like to mention on the infomercial. It’s also tediuos trying to find them at the Court House (although Russ says in the book: “15 an hour is the average”) - not true. I couldn’t find ONE at the courthouse I went to.
I think this system is somthing that works - however, it’s also a big commercial for all these other HIGHLY EXPENSIVE marketing & help tools that they say are worth it if one wants to be a successful note broker.
(they offer a professional newsletter you can buy which they will mail out to your targeted market for “only” $2500."!?) - yea right

It has a 30 day guarantee on it - so if you buy it, make sure you go through it & test it out so you can return it if you’re not satisfied.