Great Info - Posted by Sean

Posted by Sean on June 03, 1999 at 15:20:33:

For awhile I used to connect to this site everyday hoping to find new posts that would open my eyes to the note business. However, I found a better way. You can just go to and it gives you a list of all the messages from the beginning. I’ve been going through them and I’ve both laughed and learned a lot.

I especially enjoyed John Behle’s: And what if aliens invade the earth… post to someone who suggested that having a highly leveraged portfolio was extremely risky. Amusing.

But I digress. I read about information about John Behle’s Note Buying Simulator (patent pending). This is a great idea involving you doing all the due diligence work on a trust deed for practice, perhaps on a neighbor’s house or something.

So I’m doing a little exercise on that, and determined that on the house I selected the property taxes have not been paid. How would this affect your buying the trust deed, would you cure the taxes or what?