Hardwood floors vs. Carpet ??? - Posted by Tony

Posted by Mark Wells on February 22, 1999 at 06:31:58:

I love hardwood floors. I ripped out the old carpet and re-finished the floors in my dad’s place when I bought it. It is much healthier for people with allergies (like myself) and easier to clean. You could try acoustic ceiling tile…or maybe carpet the upstairs and leave the downstairs as hardwood.



Hardwood floors vs. Carpet ??? - Posted by Tony

Posted by Tony on February 22, 1999 at 01:10:31:

I have just purchased a 10 unit 100 year old wood frame building.
The building layout is 5 units on the 1st floor with 5 units on the second floor. I would like to refinish the fir floors which are in good condition. I am however concerned about noise transfer vertically between suites. The suites would be easier to rent out with wood floors however there would likely be a higher tenant turnover due to noise.
Whats the best way to go, carpet or wood floors??

Thanks Tony

Re: Hardwood floors vs. Carpet ??? - Posted by John Katitus

Posted by John Katitus on February 23, 1999 at 01:07:27:

I just rehabbed a building with hardwood floors. Refinishing costs were prohibitive, we ended up with carpet. I would be interested to know the costs to do 10 100 year old units. Would the property value as a rental be increased enough to warrant the investment?

I think I would save the money and do it at home.

Hardwood Floors - Posted by Sean

Posted by Sean on February 22, 1999 at 18:41:02:

I like hardwood floors. As for noise I have no idea. Sorry.

Re: Hardwood floors vs. Carpet ??? - Posted by Scott Ryan

Posted by Scott Ryan on February 22, 1999 at 14:07:38:


When I lived in NYC, I was required to supply my own carpet to cover 80% of the hardwood floor to keep noise down. It wasn’t that big a deal and did not cost much. I did not mind, because it kept everyone’s noise down. You could still see a good portion of the pretty floors and it kept the floors in good shape longer. I have seen this in other areas of the country as well; although I don’t think 80% coverage needs to be the rule (NYC could get very loud). You could use some variation. Good Luck.


Re: Hardwood floors vs. Carpet ??? - Posted by Jack

Posted by Jack on February 22, 1999 at 10:32:53:

In a building I used to own, I kept the hardwood floors and required the tenants to provide a rug that covered a large portion of the floors. That left some of the hardwood in view and provided some protection/noise reduction at the same time.

Most tenants didn’t have a problem providing their own rugs.

Jack Stivers