Have a deal wondering the best way to go about it?


I have just recently gotten back into investing and am kind of rusty. I have an opportunity that looks great from the outside and wondering the best way to maximize profits. Guy has a property in our local market that is pretty unique, its a 3 bedroom 3 bath carriage house and then split by the driveway is a 3 car garage with a very nice 1 bedroom 1 bath apartment above it. Right now the owner rents everything out per room ($900 for the apartment above the garage, $600 with another renter currently)… it reminds me of a bed and breakfast. He originally had it on the market for 529,000 (the comps do not support it) and has dropped the price down to 375k for me… slightly higher for anyone else that is looking to lease purchase it. He is offering it to me at 375k, 5 years total to obtain financing on a lease purchase deal in which he would credit 20k back to me. Property is probably worth about 400k maybe a little bit more.




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