Have building, need ideas - Posted by Gary

Posted by John on September 01, 2005 at 09:42:18:

I helped a guy take a building like this and turn it into storage.

You basically take some 1/2 inch plywood, 2x4’s and a bunch of screws and section it off into squares. Make doors, padlocks, etc.

Assuming the ceiling is 10 ft, you can get 18 5x5x5 (2 levels) storage closets in the main room. At $50 a space, it’s an extra $900 a month.

Just an idea.


Have building, need ideas - Posted by Gary

Posted by Gary on September 01, 2005 at 24:49:26:

I am looking for a use for a building in my MHP. Park is a 42 site, 1965 era, mostly 12x50 units. Building was used as a laundromat when I purchased property, but being open 24/7 was a vandalism problem, kids used as playhouse or worse, people would prop open doors in winter, and it was a money loser. I remodeled into a fair grade office but haven’t had any interest to rent being in a low traffic area in the MHP. Space is a main room approx. 15x25 and a storage room and restroom for a total of 500 sf. This property is zoned business so converting to an apartment by a variance is unlikely. Any ideas or experiences?