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Posted by Vic on March 21, 2001 at 24:45:03:


One thing to be aware of concerning that single family house - if they have apts. going up across the street, that could make that house very difficult to sell. Most people who buy houses, don’t want to do so right across the street from apts.

As for the double, if it’s in another town & you don’t have a car, then how are you going to manage it? If it’s a good deal & it really is, then you might have a chance at flipping it. Just put it under contract, make sure you have your inspection & financing contingency in contract, then try to flip it to another investor.

If you want to do this business though, you’ve got to find a way to get transportation. It’s almost a necessity. Even a bus ride, could possibly work, but you almost have to have some kind of transportation.

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Have course ready to go!(Carlton Sheets) - Posted by Heidi

Posted by Heidi on March 19, 2001 at 02:56:04:

I e-mailed a few days ago and return message got lost. I am looking into a 3br. 1 ba house w/ mnt. view,remodled inside( motivated seller),new apts. going up across the street. The neighborhood is improving. I have no job (welfare)no money or car and it is hard to get around to look at properties. The lawn needs mowing,and I can do that. I also found 2 duplexs (brand new) for sale in another town.One is already rented out.Should I offer a few $1000 below asking and do lease option on these? Or buy and flip?