Help? Don't know which one to choose? - Posted by Jeff Taylor

Posted by Jim IL on March 12, 1999 at 24:40:23:

For the money and starting out, the CS course is great. It will give you a good understanding of the terms and methods.
I bought it, and did nothing with it.
Then, I read MANY books on the “Creative” RE stuff.
Still did nothing.
Then, I found CRE and started to read the “how to” articles and read the posts.
Frankly, thanks to CS I followed it all and absorbed much of it.
Then I went to the CRE convention, and there I bought Legrands course(s). (I had already read his book on "Fast Cash, with quick turn Real Estate).
His course is GREAT. It gives you the mechanics, and a step by step walk through each deal and many tools to use to close each deal.
He has courses in his BIG package that cover all aspects of Creative REI.
Each course also covers several methods to handle different scenarios that pop up.
We have already done one “flip” for a decent profit, and if the “law of averages” is correct, we should have more soon.
My advice, (remember, I’m new also)
is to get Legrands Book first, then his course.
The initial cost is rather high, but when you do just one deal, it will pay for itself many times over.
See my “SERIOUS” answer on this board to “jeryl”.
Good luck to you,
Jim IL

Help? Don’t know which one to choose? - Posted by Jeff Taylor

Posted by Jeff Taylor on March 02, 1999 at 12:22:09:

Hello people,
i’m interested in becoming a RE investor but i don’t know what course to buy,etc…? i just turned down russ whitney’s $1500 training deal. i don’t need that, i’m about to graduate with a business degree and real estate specialization. Yet, the degree doesn’t teach how to do any of Russ Whitney’s or C.Sheets techniques. i’m looking for advice from anyone to which program or books i need to get to get started and on my way.
Thank you for your time.