Help moving a mobile home - Posted by Esther

Posted by Dr. B. (OH) on March 12, 2006 at 08:39:35:

Call a MoHo mover and ask if they have a secure lot to store it on. Determine the storage fees. Look for a piece of land with or without an old mobile on it or look for a cooperative park.

If your brother has no money, you or your family has to do this. Otherwise, tell us where you are and someone on this board might move it to their own lot and rent the lot to your brother.


Help moving a mobile home - Posted by Esther

Posted by Esther on March 11, 2006 at 18:49:48:

O.k. everyone I need your help. My brother is getting rid of a mobile home that he has on rented property. He has ten days to move it. He has no money to get it moved and now wants to sell it. He just had it all fixed up. He can’t afford to buy land because he still owes on a student loan. The hard part is that it’s a 1973 and most mobile home parks wont accept anything earlier than 1975 per hud codes. I wish he could just get rid of it but around here it’s kinda hard. Anyone have any suggestions on this doublewide from hell.