Help!! Neighbor problem!!! (Long) - Posted by Angelia C

Posted by Dave_in_IN on April 25, 2000 at 17:37:34:

Have you tried offering it to the neighbors on terms? Maybe they will become willing participants??

Help!! Neighbor problem!!! (Long) - Posted by Angelia C

Posted by Angelia C on April 25, 2000 at 16:14:01:

We bought and remodeled a home last summer for around $2000. We sold the home for $4500 with owner financing for six months. The couple divorced and the husband called to let us know that his ex-wife wants to sell just after we received the last payment from him. Of course she wanted more than we were willing to pay. After two weeks and calls from her every other day, I finally told her what we could afford to pay for the home - $1800. A week later she called and asked if we wanted it. We went and signed an agreement that afternoon and she moved out two days later with us giving her the balance of the money - minus the three months lot rent that was due. The electricity had been cut off some time before and she was no longer actually living there though her pets were. The people living next door in a rental home owned by the park helped her move. Beginning on that very day we have had the worst trouble with those people. You can hear them from inside their home telling the whole world how we “robbed” that “poor girl”. They have broken into the home after we started cleaning and took all of the light bulbs and everything else that wasn’t nailed down. We are almost afraid to show the home for their comments. We know they will immediately seek out the potential buyers and make us the “bad guy”. It basically boils down to the fact that they wanted it, but didn’t have cash. Any one have experience with this type of neighbor? What do you do? We have tried the passive (ignore) approach, but it’s not working. We don’t feel guilty, as she had every chance to run an ad or place a For Sale sign in the home and she did nothing but wait for the last day. Sorry so long!!


Re: Help!! Neighbor problem!!! (Long) - Posted by Don Brotherton

Posted by Don Brotherton on April 25, 2000 at 17:41:51:


Sounds to me that you might have your buyer living right next door. You might have a sit down conversation and offer to sell the home to them at a fair but maybe a little reduced price or offer them a finder’s fee to help you sell the home. People seem to come around when they are on the “team” and get a cut of the take. What do you have to loose? By the way, I would make sure my insurance is up to date, just in case!