help-U-buy - Need suggestions anybody - Posted by John

Posted by ytr on March 15, 2006 at 13:23:42:

You will need a RE license

help-U-buy - Need suggestions anybody - Posted by John

Posted by John on March 15, 2006 at 11:25:13:

Hey everybody,

I am trying to develop a “Help-U-buy” program whereby buyers of homes will come to me to make the purchase offer agreement. Since there are so many homeowners today that know someone in the family or friends that are in loans or real estate, business is getting harder.

The program, similar to helpUsell, allows for a buyer to buy at discounted price. For example, 2%-3% commission is standard today in the market for buyers commission. I expect to only charge a discount fee of $3495-4995 or less and rebate the rest back to buyer. I help with scouring properties, I can send them to drive around, and conduct showings when needed but at least they come back to me.

Granted it’s not new this program, but wanted to get everybody’s opinion about how well accepted it will be if a nice simple program can be developed and marketed through regular marketing, advertising means to generate sales. The whole marketing pitch needs to be mainstream looking, simple to understand, read and for someone to say, “its’ just like help-U-Sell, but the opposite when buying”

It’s illegal to give cash back to buyer, but this program is designed to be a rebate program.

Any ideas, suggestions, let me know? Agents reading this will get upset, however the world of the internet is changing rapidly and commissions are dwindling down and the information at your finger tips world is affecting us all real estate agents.