Highest and Best use..... - Posted by chris

Posted by chris on May 05, 1999 at 01:38:28:

for cash! Ok. planning to start up my corporation in July. my question is this. “What would be the highest and best use for 40K in developing a line of credit for my corporation?” many folks swear by using a line of credit for mobile home purchases rather than tying up your own cash. thanks david s and scott_AK! makes sense to me…so now it seems like i need a plan to develop the almighty LOC. how would some of you seasoned veterans go about using this kind of money to develop your line? i have heard about putting it in a savings account, then borrowing… pledging your savings as collateral. seems like there must be a better way though instead of having the money in a low interest savings or CD. what do you think? c’mon creative minds…get those juices flowing!

thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions!