Hmmmmm - Posted by Dennis

Posted by Dennis on June 15, 2000 at 20:33:52:

I had already talked to the manager,and she was the one
who told me the owner wanted to sell and move the homes.
At that point,I got his card and figured I might as well
make a contact.This I will ponder a bit and see what I am
able to do at this time.Makes little difference now,anyway
because I do not have my funding in place yet.Thanks for
the comeback.Will post again when I really get going.

Hmmmmm - Posted by Dennis

Posted by Dennis on June 14, 2000 at 15:37:12:

Took off from my j.o.b. today,and went to 3 parks.The first one
was an older adult park,and had 3 mobiles for sale(2 2br/1ba
and 1 3 br/1ba).They informed me of the price and also told me
they wanted them out of that park.The price of the 2br’s were
2,500 and 1,200 respectively,and the 3 br had an asking price
of 3,900.I do believe this person is doing exactly what I am
planning on doing.But,to date I have not seen financing ads in
our local paper.So,I figured there just might be a market here
for self-financed mobile homes but now I am not so sure we will
have that easy a time doing this.This will not stop us from
exploring the possible opportunities in doing this.I also saw
2 other mobiles for sale,but do not know the price at this time.
Will keep looking and exploring the possibilities of this
and am looking forward to trying to make this work.And I will
keep on contacting parks when I am able to.Thanks again for
all the knowledge,and repies when I do post here.

Try This And See If It Works… - Posted by Jack-NY

Posted by Jack-NY on June 14, 2000 at 22:07:31:

My personal opinion, I don’t like 55 and older parks. I find them hard to do business in. I find the market for senior parks are difficult to sell homes in, not to say you can’t make money in these parks.

It appears that you may have two strikes against you before you even start. A senior park, and two bedroom homes. However you may still be able to do business in this park. Contact the manager/owner and ask for a copy of the rules/regs, ask him what the cut-off year is for older homes, ask him if you up-date the homes if they could stay in the park.

Remember that if you have to move these homes you will have to figure in the moving cost, which is not cheap, $1100 - $1600 for complete move and set-up. You have to get to know the park manager/owners and see if you can work with them, if not you may have to pass on these deals, and move onto the next park.

Maybe this park just wants to remove the older homes and replace them with newer ones. Ask lot of questions, and speak to some of the tenants in the park, see what they have to say about the park and it’s owners.

Good luck…