Home equity or mortgage, which? Ed? - Posted by Dave H.

Posted by Ed Garcia on February 03, 2002 at 11:57:58:


I think, that no matter which way you go, it should be in the wife’s name.

Even though you’ve tried to give me the information you thought I would need. I need more info. She has 3 other properties, but I don’t know the equity position. They may the way to go, on the other hand she may be leveraged out. The house she is buying is 20k but needs another 10k for fix-up, so that tells me that it won’t show pride of ownership, which is important to a lender. They like to see a nice house for the obvious reason; it’s their collateral.

A mortgage company would be the likely choice because they would have no problem with the income. They could do a Stated income, NIQ (None Income Qualifier) etc, however they will have a problem with the deal for two reasons, 1. Low loan amount, under 40k. 2. The condition of the property.

Her credit allows her to qualify with a bank, which could even give her the money to do the repairs, however they don’t have a program that don’t verify income.

There are two things that pop into my mind right now. 1. Is CREDIT CARDS. 2. Find a local portfolio lender.

For you to take out the equity on the house you’re purchasing would require 1 year seasoning. In most cases on a NOO the lender would lend 80% of appraised value, which based on a value of 50k, would be 35k. After paying off the 30k you would have just enough for a refi.

Like I said Dave, we need more info, this is just looking at the deal at a glance.

Ed Garcia

Home equity or mortgage, which? Ed? - Posted by Dave H.

Posted by Dave H. on February 03, 2002 at 10:00:28:

I have a chapter 13 from May 2001 and my income is about 150k. My credit has old tax liens, charge offs, etc. We (wife) will be purchasing a sf home to rent for $20,000 cash. The home is estimated 50-55k conservatively (with city assesed value of 49k). Estimated repairs 10k. We plan on renting the 5bd home for about $900/month (section 8).

We would like to take out the equity because we would need the money for sep-ira and tax payments by Apr 15. My wife’s fico ranges around 700, but she doesn’t have employment, just doing real estate now(8 months). She has 3 homes all in her name and her debt is high with the mortages, some credit debt,a 16k heloc and car payment.

We would like to know which options are best, Should we apply for a mortage on the home,we need about 20k. Or should my wife apply for a home equity loan on her own? Any ideas?

Thanks everyone.