How do I hookup these ceiling lights? - Posted by matrox

Posted by Matthew McDaniel Jr on February 17, 2002 at 11:43:41:

Hi Matrox,

The three wires let do that first. You say two wire are connect together and one is by is self. So on your new ceiling fan put the black wire to the two wire that are together and white wire to the other and you should have a ground wire on the new ceiling fan if you have a metal box in the ceiling that holding up the ceiling fan wrap the ground wire around the secure that goes into metal box. You can also leave it off if there is no place for it. Second ceiling fan put one wire to ceiling fan and then connect other wire to the other wire. Do the same for ground wire like the first fan. Please use wire nuts when connecting the wire together. Good luck


How do I hookup these ceiling lights? - Posted by matrox

Posted by matrox on February 17, 2002 at 10:25:53:

Hi, I have a house I am about to sale, I recently had the house painted. The painter removed my 2 ceiling lights I had in the kithen before painting. I told him to leave them off because they were basically trash and I was replacing them. I now have the new light fixtures and am about to connect them. As I was about to make the connection I find that none of the wires are color coded. They are all brown covered with a cloth material. There are two lights on each end of the kitchen and a separate wall switch for each light.
One light opening has 3 wires coming out, 2 of the wires are twisted together, and the third wire is just hanging, but on the second light opening there are only 2 hanging wires.
My question is how do I know which wires to use since they are not color coded.
Any suggestions, or do I need to break out my voltmeter?

Re: How do I hookup these ceiling lights? - Posted by RC

Posted by RC on February 17, 2002 at 21:21:32:

the previous response was almost right with the following exception: the box that has the two wires together will probably be the neutral lead ( white wire ) you said that each light has its own switch - therefore there would not be two hot wires tied together. Ideally you should use a voltmeter and verify not only the hot and neutral leads but also that a ground is present in the box for the ground lead.