Hunt For Red October, err, FixerUpper..... - Posted by nickP

Posted by Ronald * Starr(in No CA) on August 11, 2003 at 14:12:34:

Nick P------

Nice to talk to you. You write well. Have you considered giving up fixing houses and helping fix up TV or movie scripts? Script doctors they are called.

Hmmm. Maybe rehabs should start calling themselve “house doctors?” Provide more prestise, do you suppose?

1–drive around the neighborhoods looking for rundown properties
2–ask the agents to alert you to REO properties, they are more likely to be fundown
3–find out what real estate salepeople specialize in listing REO properties and ask them for first crack ast their listings
4–check the local authorities that “condemn” properties. They will likely have a list of properties. They may be putting notices into the local county land records also.
5–run advertisements that you want run down properties
6–send mass mailings to out of area property owners at their tax bill mailing address saying you want to buy their property. Some will be fixers. You may even get a live one–a good property at a below-market value. You could even solicit owner-occupants if you wanted.
6–let a lot of firefighters know that you want to buy burnt buildings and pay referral fees. Not all owners will want to sell, but some will.
7–let contractors and handypersons know that you are looking for rundown properties to fix up. Especially if you can promise them some of the work. Pay a referral fee.
8–Let termite inspectors know that you are interested in buying properties before owners put them up for sale. Referral fees again. They can tell you the condition of the properties also.
9–solicit probate attorneys on a regular basis that you want to buy houses from estates. Many older people do not keep up their houses too well just before they die.

Ok, that’s probably enough for today. Come back tomorrow, when you get done doing those and ask for more.

Good Investing*********Ron Starr************

Hunt For Red October, err, FixerUpper… - Posted by nickP

Posted by nickP on August 11, 2003 at 13:18:56:

I have been burrying myself into my computer monitor trying to search for fixers through,, and other websites… but all I found so far are low-end properties in ghetto warzone neighborhoods.

How come NONE of the sites have feature to strictly search for “fixer upper”?

Worse, my agent hardly sends me any listings… And I use 3 agents!

My eyes are red, my carpels tunneling, and my neck stiffening. I desperately need a better way to find fixers.

Please come to the rescue~