Hybrid home? (Mobile + fixed) - Posted by Rob C

Posted by Mark Haugsten on July 25, 2005 at 02:48:38:

There used to be a site called www.missouritrailertrash.com, but I cannot get it to come up tonight.

I once went to a home as a cable installer that was worse than you can imagine.
right half of 1st floor was an old Airstream, left half was stick built.
Second floor protruded away from the first floor like an overhang on a blckhouse in wild west fort construction. In each corner, I don’t know how this ever coded, were 4 Telephone poles. They were exterior to the first floor walls, and interior to the walls upstairs. How far up they went is unknown to me. Whether they protruded into the room exposed or were trimmed back vericaly or horizontilly, or boxed is a good question too.

Some of the pics on the site, were from around here, and I did recall seeing one on my own when I saw it on that site. Hybrids such as you describe occur rarely, but when you see one, you swear they occur far, far, too often.


Hybrid home? (Mobile + fixed) - Posted by Rob C

Posted by Rob C on July 13, 2005 at 17:53:58:

Has anyone heard of a “hybrid house”? An REO home for sale for $27K, needs work, people are having a hard time getting financing because the house was once a single-mobile/modular home which was converted into a “normal” house.

Has anyone heard of this?

Other “normal” homes which are not in need of rehab are in the $90Ks in the neighborhood.