i don't like my real estate agent!!! - Posted by jkeegan

Posted by JohnBoy on August 09, 2005 at 19:40:01:

They have no exclusive rights to anything pertaining to you unless you signed a buyer’s agreement with them. Them merely talking to you and telling you about a property in itself gives them no rights to anything. They have to get a signed contract with you to represent you as a buyer to collect any fee. If you never signed anything they have no case, period! Their threats are just that, threats!

Right to fire your agent? How can you fire them if you never hired them???

i don’t like my real estate agent!!! - Posted by jkeegan

Posted by jkeegan on August 08, 2005 at 17:40:37:

Our realtor has threatened to sue us and I am seeking information on my consumer rights as a buyer in the state of Texas (I currently reside in Denver, CO).

I never signed anything with the realtor (Urban Living) in Houston TX and found their service to be very poor. While an agent of theirs told us about a particular builder (the waterhill company) we located a specific property on our own we would like to purchase. After several instances of going back and forth with our agent and continuing to get very poor service we decided to let them go. I called the builder and informed them of this and indicated I would either like to go directly through them or a different realtor such as Colwell Banker. The builder advised me to go direct through them and stop talking to Urban Living and just tell them I decided not to move. I did this, and now Urban Living has threatened to sue me if I purchase this property for their 3% commission (even though I never signed anything with them). I decided not to purchase this property because of the behavior of both the builder and the agent.

My questions are:

  1. How long does urban living have exclusive rights over any property I ever look at in Houston? Including this one by Waterhill?
  2. Shouldn?t I have the right to fire my agent if I find I am getting poor service from them?

Any information you can provide, or point me in the direction of would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You