"I Wanna Be an Investor"... - Posted by Carmen-FL

Posted by Ricardo on December 04, 1999 at 20:41:18:

So what’s the problem? With a extroverted husband like you have I wish you were in my area so we could do some partners.

“I Wanna Be an Investor”… - Posted by Carmen-FL

Posted by Carmen-FL on December 04, 1999 at 19:22:44:

Has anyone else eperienced this phenomenon?

It seems that every other person we meet wants to “be an investor”.

My husband, bless him, is a very friendly person and he tends to build rapport rather rapidly. He also tends to start conversations with total strangers, something he does frequently and much to my embarrasment.

Just in the past couple of months, after finding out what he does for a living, he’s had at least the following people ask him to “get together and tell me how to be an investor - I’m very interested in doing this”.

  • a clerk at a men’s store (where he was purchasing a suit)
  • two bank loan officers
  • one bank clerk
  • three handy-men
  • one electrician
  • 2 mortgage brokers
  • the wife of a handyman/plumber
  • a neighbor
  • 2 of his family members
  • 2 “newbie” investors we sold a house to

Even though we are semi-newbies ourselves, having only done 2 1/2 rehabs, (but have a bit of “book-learning” on other REI options) we always say we would be happy to share whatever experience and information we have, including free MLS information, information on lenders, hard money, handymen, insurance, etc - basically 7 months of in-the-trenches knowledge in this area (Ft. Lauderdale). They either never call; or talk to us once, then never mention it again - and we don’t bring it up (I guess they realize it’s not a get-rich-quick deal after all).

We went in starry-eyed, and the potential blinded us. We made a LOT of mistakes, and some were doozys. We wish that someone had talked to us, and pointed out so many potential pitfalls. So far this year, we’ve only made about as much $$ as my husband would have made had he kept his J.O.B. And yet, we cannot say we regret a second of it (O.K., maybe one second or two …) But the potential is still there - and the more we learn, the greater the possibilities!

So I just want to say - To all of you (us) who have at least DONE SOMETHING other than just “WANNA BE” - CONGRATULATIONS!

Isn’t it better to make 100 mistakes trying to be SOMETHING, than to not try and be a PERFECT NOTHING?


PS - Regretably, I will most likely not be able to attend the convention. My grandma’s 90th birthday party in Brazil has to take precedence. But I’ll be there in spirit!

It’s an epidemic! - Posted by Troy M

Posted by Troy M on December 05, 1999 at 09:55:39:

Just kidding! I know exactly what you mean. Most recently, I was looking to buy a used truck and whaddaya know, the car salesman wants to get into real estate. I think we talked trucks about 5 minutes and real estate about an hour LOL. Sometimes I worry about competition, just for an instant. Then I remind myself, anybody can talk the talk. Have a grand time in Brazil!

Troy M