In defense of McCorkle! Let the war commence. - Posted by Mike Oldfield

Posted by Mike Oldfield on May 11, 1999 at 24:01:48:


My post was worded very carefully. It is meant to be read the same way.

I recognize your name and have followed your posts for several weeks. I appreciate your knoweledge and respect your success


I covered your objections in the post.

I have disagreements with some ideas in every book or course I have read. First, that few of them have ideas I have not seen elsewhere (your word original). My point was that, for a broader knowledge of the subject of creative real estate investing newbies should take the good ideas from as many sources as possible and toss out the b.s.

No offense but I think you missed the point

Mike Oldfdield

P.S. I looks like J.P. zapped a few responses to my post off the board. I’d bet that you folks missed the point as well. If your comments are worthy of consideration, respect the editorial policy of this site and send it email to I am glad to respond off site.

In defense of McCorkle! Let the war commence. - Posted by Mike Oldfield

Posted by Mike Oldfield on May 09, 1999 at 15:43:58:

Ladies and gentleman,

Will you indulge me for a moment of your time.

Dont throw the baby out with the bath water.

  1. McCorkle is guilty of misrepresenting his wealth by displaying posessions that did not belong to him on national television.

  2. McCorkle is also guilty of failing to issue prompt refunds to unsatisfued customers as promised repeatedly on his infomercial

  3. I beleive he also is guilty of offering to use his money to do your deals etc. Sorry, I dont recall all the details.

I sincerely hope that every one who desires a refund gets thier money back.


There are positives that may not outweigh the bitterness but let me console your wounds with the following thoughts.

McCorkle got you to the county clerks office where you should have discoverd a wealth of information that is a literal gold mine of opportunity. If you attempted to apply his course you have learned a very valuable skill hunting down information on motivated sellers. I use this system constantly for fresh investment opportunites.

McCorkle should have gotten you to think creatively in solving the problems of and persuaiding the owners of distrssed real estate to cooperate with you to save thier credit and keep thier house. His system can work.


Many of you newbies that are so sore at McCorkle need to get over it. His program can work. His ideas for finding Motivated sellers are sound. Many credibile gurus are still advising similar strategies today because they work.

You bitter newbies have not applied yourself enough to make these ideas work. Not all of you but some know who they are.

Please, for your own good. Get past the disappointments. I have put many of his ideas to work with great success.


I have read hundreds of books on creative real estate investing, no money down and related subjects of asset protection, income tax, property development, construction, sales, marketing, negotiating, and much much more.

YOU ARE FOCUSING ON THE WRONG THING. Stop with McCorkle is a jerk, crook, etc.

FOCUS HERE. Every individual with experience or knowledge relaterd to real estate is an asset to you even though you may not agree with many of there methods or have a bad experience with there honor. You must sort out the good ideas from the bad ideas on your own own, or at this site or in your local real estate clubs where there is a FREE EXCHANGE of ideas.

Please take stock in my comments. I have benefitted greatly over the years keeping an open mind when getting advice from other creative people. EVEN THE SCOUNDRALS.

You must admit, McCorkle is creative!

Happy Mothers Day,

Mike Oldfield

P.S. You can retire in three years or less from your J-O-B investing in real estate. It worked for me!

Good luck

Also, My copy of McCorkles course got wet from a broken water pipe. If any one would like to sell me there copy please email me off this site with details.

Re: In defense of McCorkle! Let the war commence. - Posted by Leon Redbone

Posted by Leon Redbone on May 21, 1999 at 03:33:39:

Instead of buying a new water pipe, try buying a
dictionary. If you are as good at real estate
as you are at spelling, maybe you posts here are a
series of hallucinations. I did like the album
’tubular bells’ though.

Oh and we did end up sued but won - Posted by JDenney

Posted by JDenney on May 11, 1999 at 23:15:43:

no message

Hate to agree but McCorkle made me money - Posted by JDENNEY

Posted by JDENNEY on May 11, 1999 at 23:11:33:

Bought a pre-sheriff sale the mccorkle way about 6 years ago and made $25,000. At the time I thought anyone on Tv must be for real so I just went out and did it. I have no complaints

You can’t be serious . . . - Posted by Joe Kaiser

Posted by Joe Kaiser on May 10, 1999 at 10:44:55:

I have McCorkle’s course and can tell you first hand that I didn’t find a single original idea in any of the materials, including the video tapes (yuck) and the dozen newsprint booklets.

It was obviously something just thrown together and was so poorly done that it looked like someone’s high school project. I don’t mind an occasional typo or two, but geez, that stuff is a mess.

Finally, the central idea, that you can buy and lease back to homeowners in foreclosure, is more than a little bit dicey. We do it ourselves, but it takes more than 20 pages of documentation to pull it off and even with that you just never know how it will end up. McCorkle’s 2 page agreement, where he evicts people when they’re 3 days late, is pure idiocy and using this sort of strategy is a sure fire way to getting creamed in court. It would never work and I suspect the judge would nail you to the wall (and rightly so).

Finally, I was offended when he suggested knocking on distressed seller’s doors and asking “how are you going to stop me from buying your house?”

Yeah, great idea there, guy.

I don’t believe the course was ever meant to be a course. It was just an instrument to hook people into his system and take their money.