Inverness FLA ? - Posted by Dale-Ohio

Posted by Jon on July 23, 2005 at 14:57:31:

Its the podunck of Florida.

Inverness FLA ? - Posted by Dale-Ohio

Posted by Dale-Ohio on July 23, 2005 at 12:25:17:

Is Inverness Florida a good area for Investment? There seems to be a lot of houses for sale and not over priced like the rest of the state. Is there any reason why this area is so cheap? thanks

Re: Inverness FLA ? - Posted by eric-fl

Posted by eric-fl on July 24, 2005 at 15:26:47:

You would think, as did I. I live in Tampa, and was looking for a “fishing camp”, weekend-getaway type of property. Located midway between Tampa and Orlando, with miles of lakes all around, you would think Inverness would be an area perfectly poised for growth. So, I took a trip up there. It isn’t.

I’m not really sure why, either. Couple of possible reasons are lack of infrastructure, (it’s suprisingly difficult to reach; hence the thought of weekend-type stuff), lack of jobs/local industry (there’s really nothing there), and lack of any other compelling reasons to go there. I.E., not a lot of tourist or recreational opportunities. Except for, perhaps, the lakes, which are also kind of weird - not really unified, and shallow and un-boatable in a lot of parts - with low, uncrossable bridges blocking a lot fo it off (smart!).

A gentrifying area, to me, has a certain look and feel - I’ve seen enough of them to know, having lived in Florida all my life. The Inverness area doesn’t seem to have any of those indications - no widening of roads, no corporate development, no local “charm”, no visible redevelopment going on. If you’re on a 20-year horizon, it might be an area that makes great sense. Personally, my 20-year horizon doesn’t include Florida. This area has every look and feel of a place that will take a very long time to appreciate, and basically be flat in the meantime.

Sorry, I know I thought I had found a goldmine as well, but if it was, then it wouldn’t be cheap. EVERYONE in this state is looking for deals. It wouldn’t get missed if it was. Eventually, someone with John Ringling (basically made Sarasota)- type vision and capital will develop the area, but that’s a little beyond my means at the moment.