Investor eats large helping of humble pie, and LIVES TO TELL ABOUT IT ! - Posted by Perry IL

Posted by Perry IL on May 23, 1999 at 18:35:43:

I got a hair brained idea to submit 21 options in one offer submission. Warming up for Atlanta workshop. Oh I was creative and embarrassingly low and offensive with the figures, but the bottom line was I was tipping my hand. Duh ?

Ran idea by the chat room crowd. The likes of which were…JPiper,JP Vaughan,SCook85,JohnBoy,BillK Az, and many others too numerous to mention. Now that is a powerhouse of advice and experience at my disposal. Funny thing was they were all pretty much in agreement that I might want to think about a lobotomy.

I have to tell you that I didn’t waste the advice. I put on the old thinking cap and called Mr Whoopee for his time machine ( off of Rocky J Squirrel and Bullwinkle show) and went and found my buyer’s agent and had her remand all the contracts back into my possession. They were to be presented at 9AM, Monday morning.

I created a hierarchy with the most to least favorable options, to me, and then resubmitted the most embarrassing and offensive one first. If this offer is accepted or one close to it in language is accepted, I stand to save myself a small fortune in this improved offer submission strategy.

I owe this to myself for risking being seen as a fool on this site, and having the intuition to bring it up and out in the open for discussion, and I owe the good folks that are dispensing advice on the various groups, a BIG THANK YOU!

Do you think I am grateful for the site, it’s hosts / owners, and the great caliber of investors readily available to help screwballs like myself, out here stumbling around with just enough experience to be dangerous ? You had better believe it!

Self esteem problem ? What self esteem problem ?

PS I had a blast writing 21 offers / options and presenting all 21 at the same time to one agent on one deal. It was a confidence booster and helped to knock the rust off the old grey matter. More importantly it put me in contact with a creative realtor that is a perfect fit for me. She is a diamond in the rough, one out of about 75-80 agents in my home town of 15,000 people. Also the biggest lesson to come out of this is to utilize this site prior to getting involved with the legal stuff, ie; contracts / offers / options.


Thanks for taking the time to read this posting and please don’t forget to check out our souvenir shop on the way out. huh ?

Perry IL