Is offering to evict landlord's bad tenant (as in Tired Landlord course)= jumping off a cliff?? - Posted by KatieFL

Posted by JoeKaiser on February 24, 2000 at 23:12:10:

Don’t ever forget, we get paid in this business as a result of our ability to solve problems. The bigger the problem, the bigger the potential payday.

Take evictions, for example. This is not something I worry about in the least. Evictions are a cost of doing business, and I make sure I am credited accordingly. For us to do evictions today takes one phone call to a local firm that specializes in evictions. The are fast, ruthless, and cheap, the precise combination I’m looking for.

No difference if the eviction is already underway. You can either continue with their lawyer or if you’re set up, go with your own. Me? I’d have my guys take over.

Evictions are great motivators. Sellers often will do almost anything to be out from under them.


Is offering to evict landlord’s bad tenant (as in Tired Landlord course)= jumping off a cliff?? - Posted by KatieFL

Posted by KatieFL on February 23, 2000 at 12:53:15:

I just got Joe Kaiser’s Tired Landlord course. When he finds sellers from eviction files, he offers to get the deal done right away and get the tenant out.

  1. How do you get them out? I am a young lady and I don’t think that talking to them is going to do much. I’ve read about people bribing them, but does it work every time?

  2. If this tenant has not moved out for 4 months and the landlord already going though eviction, why would he move out when I get the place?

  3. I’ve never done eviction, so I am not sure about the whole process, but once it’s filed, wouldn’t the court get the tenant out soon anyway? Why would the landlord, after paying all the money for eviction process, want to hand it over to me with discount?

  4. If I get the deal, is the eviction process stopped or do I still follow through with it and get the sheriff evict them (if the bribe did not work)?

Please answer soon. I’ve got letters ready to go to landlords, but I’m afraid to send them because I wouldn’t know what to do with the bad tenant.

Thank you.