Is Shark-Bait Worth The Investment? - Posted by Rik NJ

Posted by ScottE on April 16, 1999 at 16:28:17:

do you know of any other types of programs, Tim, that may work too if one can’t/won’t pay for all of those other services?


Is Shark-Bait Worth The Investment? - Posted by Rik NJ

Posted by Rik NJ on April 16, 1999 at 08:41:00:

Anyone have any input on the value of software packages like Shark-Bait?


Rik NJ

Yes, if … - Posted by Tim Pannabecker

Posted by Tim Pannabecker on April 16, 1999 at 13:50:57:


It is an excellent program if you have access to or are willing to pay for the following services: 1. a source of comps (i.e… MLS, Dataquick, Experian) 2. a foreclosure listing service (computer generated database).
The program will sort your data into a prioritized list typically referencing perceived equity. Caveats are that you may/will need to rename your downloaded database files to configure to the Sharkbait file names that it acknowledges (you may need to hire a high school kid to figure this out) and the output will yield a list that can not differentiate between a 1st position mortgage or other foreclosing encumbrance. This means that you will need to do (or have done) some title work to determine the position of the foreclosing encumbrance, to thus discern the viability of the investment.
This program is geared for manipulating vast amounts of information (100’s-1000’s of sales a month) and if you are interested in organizing this amount of data it is unparalleled in cost and performance. It is a great time saving convenience and analytical tool if you are willing to spend the time and money for set up and data services.

Sorry if this is more info than you bargained for,

Tim Pannabecker