I've seen it before! - Posted by RussJ

Posted by AnnNC on March 23, 2001 at 01:02:49:

Just a quick thought; There was a thread about a postcard-gone-bad, I think it was entitled,"nasty call"
something, because the recipient made an angry call to our buddy investor… and my impression was that the recipient might have been living with other people who had access to their common mailbox,including neighbors or family. I think it was a privacy issue. My suggestion would be to make the postcard
very “generic” yet informative as to the issue, with follow-up by letter.The problematic postcard in the post to which I referred had actually mentioned the target property address. This royally annoyed the recipient, and rightfully so. Suppose you receive a postcard that identifies you as owner of a property…
maybe you don’t want that to be public knowledge in your household,digs, previously-shared address… for whatever reason. What if the property owner is being stalked? followed?
I would say to make the card
meaningful to the property owner, but not outright
obvious to the other people in the house.Suppose they are getting a divorce, or are being stalked, or have any number of family problems. Even just saying in the
open postcard “you are the owner of such and such
property” would be a problem.Even the utility companies don’t send postcards with your account# on them.
So I think it was appropriate for the target property owner to object to having a card sent which identified
their rental property or any other identifying information.
Just my thoughts. Not a pro,but you have to really consder the difference between postcard and letter.

I’ve seen it before! - Posted by RussJ

Posted by RussJ on March 22, 2001 at 19:50:44:

I am looking for some ideas on what to put on a post card that is sent to pre-foreclosure potentials. I don’t want to write anything that will make the owner get on the defensive. I am having trouble finding anything in the archives although I know I’ve read threads on this.

Also, what do the pro’s recommend, letters or post cards?