john Beck Free and Clear. - Posted by keith

Posted by Houserookie on August 10, 2003 at 20:35:23:

that. I respect Ron for his honesty and for sharing his re experience and insight on this board. The John Beck system probably works for someone with the personality similar to Beck and Mr. Starr, but not others.

I have talked to people that have used and profited from John Beck’s system. I have also talked to some that have little to no respect for his product.

The site has a negative rating for “John Beck Free and Clear” system.

Who’s to blame?

john Beck Free and Clear. - Posted by keith

Posted by keith on August 10, 2003 at 16:54:30:

Ok so I purchased the John Becks Free and Clear system…
it came with a video tape a couple of CDs and a couple of books regarding the system… the information was pretty vague and they came with a this handout that intstructed me to call this number to speak to this specialist and then he/ she is suppose to guide me through the process. Then he told me if i wanted to see results within 45 days I would have to cough up 5000.00 so that their special special specialist … then he tried the sell- me- a pitch routine by saying think of it as a small investment ( like your college tuition). . My question is that have anyone tried his system and did you have the same experience.

is it worth it?


Same as all the rest… - Posted by Bronchick

Posted by Bronchick on August 12, 2003 at 16:01:35:

With all due respect to John Beck (I think he personally is a respectable guy) and Ron Star (who is obviously a friend of John Beck, and also an honorable guy), I see Beck’s infomercial, coaching and entire program the no differently than ANY other hyped-up, over-priced informercial/training scheme.

The informercial sells a cheap course, which, like many late-night TV courses, is a fishing net for upselling customers with over-priced boot camps and mentoring programs. I’m not saying the information is bad… I’m saying is very over-priced, which it has to be to cover the huge markup for reselling it by the boiler room operations. I personally know several people who bought the course on TV, only to be told by a high-pressure salesman, “now, if you’re really serious about this program, you’ll drop eight grand on some personal training…” That training, in my opinion, is worth about $2,500 MAXIMUM. It is marked up to $7500 by some marketing company out of Utah, who gets $5,000 commission. I know, because several of these companies have contacted me, trying to set up a similar operation. I told them all, “no thanks.”

What Beck does isn’t any different than what RW, Carleton Sheets, Robert Allen, etc are doing, but somehow Ron Starr and John Reed justify it all by saying “it’s the company’s fault.” Sorry, but that’s no excuse - if the company has a bad BBB rating, and/or customer complaints, it’s the guy whose name is on the letterhead who has to make things right. And, everything Beck’s “Free and Clear” does and advertises triggers a dozen things on John Reed’s “BS Detection” list; yet Reed justifies it by bad mouthing the company that markets his product. That’s horsesh*t and a big cop out. John Beck is a big boy and a sophisticated attorney - he made his own deal with the company that sells his product and he should be held accountable if customers are unsatisfied.

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Posted by Dale on August 11, 2003 at 19:28:47:

Hi there,

I bought John Beck’s course before it became “free and clear” on the infomercails off the CRE online website about two years ago. the information was great. he even included up to date print outs of websites you can go to the latest auction information. anyhow, i can’t seem to find it on the website anymore. i guess free and clear took over…

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Posted by Dolf on August 10, 2003 at 18:39:37:

And just think, John Beck comes highly recommended by john t. reed, the self-appointed guru critic and wannabe real estate investor!

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Posted by Linda Simms on August 10, 2003 at 19:10:23:

Now this ought to get a rise out of Ron Starr, it pans two of his favorites. John Becks system is fine, especially for those who have taken a boot camp with him. Beck’s system works well for what it is for. It’s the follow on coaching, that I understand is not his, that is suspect. How about it Ron?

Coaching - Posted by Ronald * Starr(in No CA)

Posted by Ronald * Starr(in No CA) on August 10, 2003 at 22:45:59:

Linda Simms---------------

John does not have much control over the coaching business. He told me that he did some training to try to get the coaches to give valuable information to the people being coached. I don’t know how well they do. John thought that the coaches had quite a bid of knowledge of real estate and thus were making a lot of the trainees happy.

He gets a small fee for each person who signs up, I believe.

Good InvestingRon Starr******