John Behle 5-day Boot Camp - Posted by Mike

Posted by Tracy on June 02, 1999 at 02:50:25:

I thought that John offered to let people camp in his back yard? The weather should be nice!
(lol-just kidding)

John Behle 5-day Boot Camp - Posted by Mike

Posted by Mike on May 20, 1999 at 09:04:17:

Dear John Behle:
I attended the real estate convention in Dallas in March. During the convention, I was very impressed with you, so much so that I decided to devote my time investing in notes rather than single family homes. I purchased your books and tapes. If purchasing both the books and tapes, you offered 60 day telephone mentoring program to start with the first phone call and a free invitation to your 5-day boot camp in Utah sometime in July. John, I’ve tried calling you a few times leaving messages and have not heard anything back from you about the boot camp. I understand your mother had a heart attack and this possibly could have alot to do with not hearing from you. I hope she is doing much better. I’m sorry to be a pest and to contact you this way (I don’t have your email address), but do you still have plans for the boot camp and when might that be scheduled.

July 19-23, and Hotel Info - Posted by David Alexander

Posted by David Alexander on May 20, 1999 at 11:55:44:

The Hotel as I’ve mentioned books up quickly during our July 24th state holiday. They have told a few people that they have no studio
units left, but I cleared that up - they were holding the rooms for us.

The meeting room is under Cash Flow Specialists. Room rates are $69 per night plus room tax. They do have rooms. The coordinator I
was dealing with is out of town - leading to some confusion. It should be straightened out now.

Their number is 800-453-3812. They answer as The Lodging Company. The seminar runs from 8-5 monday through friday March
19-23rd, so you may want to take a room the night before which is the 18th. Some may want to stay over for the festivities on Saturday
the 24th also.

So make the reservations soon and let me know you are planning on it if I haven’t heard from you yet. I’ll also email this message out to
those I have heard from.

The seminar runs from 9-5 Monday through Friday in Park City, Utah. The location is the Inn at Prospector Square. Room rates are $69
per night for a studio with from 1-4 people. There are many facilities, an athletic center (I serve a mean racquetball if anyone is interested)
and they have a free shuttle to town.

There are a million things to do, places to eat and shop in Park City.

July is a popular town and our state holiday is the next day Saturday July 24th. There will be many activities and people. I suspect the
hotel(s) will book up.

PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP IF YOU WILL BE ATTENDING - so you can assure yourself a room. Email me and I will email
you back more information on the hotel, etc.