John, you're my new best friend - Posted by Karl (Oh)

Posted by JHyre in Ohio on April 06, 2002 at 16:12:18:

Mmmmmmmmmm, eggrolls! Glad to be of help, & thanks for the for the thanks…it’s gratifying, not to mention good ad copy!


John, you’re my new best friend - Posted by Karl (Oh)

Posted by Karl (Oh) on April 05, 2002 at 12:43:52:


I met with my tax attorney, Ed Lyon, a couple days ago to finalize 2001 taxes. He?s read all of your posts regarding the cash method treatment of notes, and was very comfortable taking that position. But it wasn?t until we sat down and really ran the numbers that the impact of the method hit home. Compared to accrual, I?ll defer somewhere around $12k in 2001 taxes. Ed referred to it as an ?absolute brainstorm?.

I’m sure you would appreciate being reimbursed somehow for the info. So in the spirit of a like kind exchange, I?m buying your dinner Saturday night (no combinations or substitutions, limit one egg roll). Square?

See you Saturday.