judgement recovery course - Posted by kelly

Posted by george on January 24, 2000 at 16:05:05:

You would do better to pay a lawyer that deals with these things for an hour of his/her time. Even if the course is not a scam it will not be taylored to your area. A lawyer you are paying is unlikely to misrepresent facts.

judgement recovery course - Posted by kelly

Posted by kelly on January 23, 2000 at 18:30:21:

I know this is off the subject of real estate, but I was wondering if anyone knew anything about these judgement recovery courses. They want like $500 for the thing and I just wanted to know if I could really make any money or if it was just another scam? Thanks in advance for any info.

Been There!Done That! - Posted by Lonnie Turner

Posted by Lonnie Turner on January 25, 2000 at 24:24:05:

Judgments debtors are hard to find & their assets are even harder to find. Here is the steps I thikn most Courses will tell you to do at least that is what my course taught me. Compsany is out of business now. Go to you local court house & ask for the small claims files. In my county this was a problem because they would only let me check out five files in the morning & five in the afternoon for a total of 10 files per day so sometimes I will have wasted my time & did not find anything of interest but when you do you send the judgment holder a letter stating that you would like to try & satisfy is judgment on a contingent basis you agree the split the cash 50/50. You guys get all paperwork all sign up for you can have the legal right to collect. here comes the hard part (finding the debtor & his assets)of the business. I know a fella who is doing this full time & is making good money but you have to be a special breed to make it in that business. I was working nightshift and was trying to do this doing the day maybe that is why I could not do anything with it. Not to discourage you just telling you my experience.

Lonnie B. Turner

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Posted by Kimberly on January 24, 2000 at 19:11:05:

Check out Sierra Judgment Recovery. They were listed on Entrepreneur mag site. They also have their own web site. A friend of mine purchased it for a little over a hundred dollars. You are basically doing the work of a paralegal. In my state (CT) there is a market for it. In other states such as California they are oversaturated with judgment recovery companies. My friend went to our local courthouse and said they were hundreds and hundreds of files. I know firsthand since I have an outstanding judgment against someone and would gladly let someone take a cut to do the work for me.