Just Starting out - Posted by James L.

Posted by Dion Huey on September 20, 2003 at 03:42:55:

Hi James!! I would suggest that if you don’t have any money and you don’t have any credit and you don’t want to put things in your name on credit…you should look at lease-option real estate investing. A good book that i read was “Making big money in real estate investing without banks, tenants.” It’s by Peter Conti and David Finkel. I also suggest that you join a local real estate organization. Good Luck!!!


Just Starting out - Posted by James L.

Posted by James L. on September 19, 2003 at 21:42:35:

Hi, I’m just starting out in this business. I have no money, and my credit isnt that great. So it goes without saying that I’m interested in purchasing my first peice of property without any out of pocket costs.

So my question is… where can i look if i ever do need money for a deal, without having to apply for a loan and using my credit?

also when (not if) i buy my first piece of property, what are some measures before hand… that i can take to make sure i dont get burrned financially and end up bankrupt?

Re: Just Starting out - Posted by Robert Staats

Posted by Robert Staats on September 20, 2003 at 09:25:45:

There are a number of ways to buy real estate with no money or credit, but it is tougher. I would suggest reading some good real estate books first to learn as much as possible before jumping in.