L/O The seller wants to inspect the property HELP - Posted by Marie

Posted by Marie on March 07, 2002 at 24:39:26:

need some input here, please. May be you had such thing happened to you???
We just closed on a L/O. The tenant got early access to the house to make some cosmetic repaires - change wallpaper etc. I received first month rent March First from them and paid to the landlady.

She knows the tenant/buyer got early access and will be moving in one more month later. Suddenly she wants to take a look at the inside of the house. I said OK, I will call the tenant and let you know when we can visit.

Now the problem - I’m calling the tenant - he does not return to me. I cought him in the office he said he’s busy in the meeting and never returned my call. I left him a message today letting him know tomorrow at this time we will show up in the house. Asked him to call me. He Never did.

What may be the reson for not wanting us to inspect the house? I’m imagining vierd things inside the property. If I will not let the landlady to enter the house she will definitely break into.

What do I do here? By the way the house is above 300K and the rent is $1800 - the tenant seemed to be very respectable person with four kids.
Please share your expertise - thanks beforehand.