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I would like to get involved in land development. Does anyone know of the best way to get started- books, seminars? Thanks, Mike

[QUOTE=Dynomac76;884652]I would like to get involved in land development. Does anyone know of the best way to get started- books, seminars? Thanks, Mike[/QUOTE]

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Tell us why you want to go down this specific path. Include info on your background. Things you have done before that helps us understand what you are bringing to the table initially.

Do you have any real estate investing experience?

Hi John, I have wholesaled houses before, but would like to get involved in something bigger.

The best manual for real estate development I have ever read is Real Estate Development Workbook and Manual (Amazon link) by Howard Zuckerman and George Blevins. It was originally published in the 1990’s, but the Amazon info cites a 2003 pub date.

This is not a book of case studies and trends. It is a 768 page manual of details, details, and more details. I’ve been in development for over 25 years and still consult this book for its checklists, decision matrix and as a guide to improve our own processes. The process is the same now as it has always been, ten thousand details, any of which can and will go wrong at the most inopportune moment. This book has saved me from countless oversights.

The only shortcoming of the text is that the forms and speadsheets are not available on CD or any digital format. But there are numerous spreadsheet applications specifically designed for RE development available from other sources. I use RealData, and when used with the principles and processes detailed in the book I am confident that surprises will be from external events, not something missed in the planning.

IMO, it’s worth every penny of the price (around $75 to $125 used and new) for the quality and organization of the information alone. And even more so if you consider that one mistake in even small development projects can costs tens of thousands of dollars.

Best way to start in land development is to try and get on board with a land development company and learn the process in the acquisitions department. This division will allow to you to evaluate opportunities and see what works for a profitable venture.


Would this course be good if you just plan on acquiring land and then selling off the lots to homeowners/developers who develop it?

Also, is there any information in this book that would pertain to apartment complex management/ownership?