Lease to Purchase - State of Virginia - Posted by G. Gibbs

Posted by Brent_IL on October 10, 2003 at 07:00:52:

I?m not sure about #1, I never thought about it. You can try the legal board. To me, it sounds as if you are trying to shoot yourself in the foot with the others.

2 ? You own the house. Tenants should not be doing repairs or improvements without your consent.

3 ? A lease is a rental agreement. It doesn?t transfer ownership.

4 ? This is America. In most respects, people can speak to whom they want about what they want. I?d be happy if someone took the initiative to find someone who was willing to pay me money.

5 ? If you want to interact with tenants, why hire a property manager? Get a bookkeeper and take the tenants calls.

Lease to Purchase - State of Virginia - Posted by G. Gibbs

Posted by G. Gibbs on October 10, 2003 at 02:18:31:

Several points to address:

  1. If tenant wants to purchase property before end of term (12 month lease) can owner collect remainder of rent?
  2. Can owner request any and all receipts for repairs/improvements from tenants during lease term?
  3. During the lease term prior to closing, is the property still considered the owners?
  4. Are tenants in violation/breach of contract by involving parties not related to lease? Tenant went to her boss and discussed particular issues involving our lease and he then called my boss to discuss these issues and offered to pay us monies owed? Is this legal? Does anyone know what the legal term for this is?
  5. If I have employed a property manager, should I have contact (verbal or otherwise) with my tenants or should I let my property manager handle any and all situations? I have given power to do so to my property manager

Thank you in advance. Any help would be greatly appreciated