Listen to the people who have "Been There and Done That" - Posted by Hersaclue

Posted by Hersaclue on June 16, 2000 at 11:48:37:

From Newbie to Newbie’s out there: Listen, I know it gets a little overwhelming at times…however if you will just do what the pro’s tell you to do, you shouldn’t have any problem. I was scared to make the offers, and frustrated with the contracts, making sure everything was worded the RIGHT way…added stress that didn’t even need to be there. One great How-To- Article is Beginners Quick Flip Primer (1 & 2) by Jackie Lange will give you the BOOST you need, it helped me a great deal with the instructional portion. Remeber "Education is KEY…Taking ACTION is everything."
Just take one step at a time…listen to the people who have Been There and Done That, and you will wish you would of started this a long time ago!
Best wishes to you all!

See you at the TOP!

God Bless,