Lonnie Deal

I’ve purchased both of Lonnie’s mobile home books and want to get in the game and do my first deal. However, in my area mobile homes aren’t priced at $2,000 - $6,000 but rather $30,000 plus!! I don’t know how long ago his books were written but to find a “Lonnie deal” around say $3,000 in my area is going to be a compete junker in a nasty park. Has anyone else had this same issue? The decent parks where I live or a home that wasn’t built in the 70’s is way more than any of the deals he talks about in his books. Anyway just trying to get info from other people or any ideas/suggestions :slight_smile:

Lonnie;s books been out for while but that is immaterial to today’s market.

If he was buying and selling in the 2-6 K range and you are in to 20 to 30 K range then your rents, etc should be significantly higher and better class of mobile homes.

Today’s market commands today’s money.

GO FORWARD…do not worry about what was or used to be.