Lonnie Scruggs RIP

I just got word that Lonnie Scruggs passed away at 8:30 this morning from a heart attack.

Lonnie changed many lives and helped 10’s of thousands of people learn how to “create their own economy”

We will miss you Lonnie!

Lonnie was a great teacher

as I recall Lonnie was 41 or 42 before he bought his first rental property (in 1971). It goes to show how many unexpected twists and turns for the good occur when we get off the couch and do a deal.

This is such sad news. Lonnie was a true gentleman, an inspiration and a wonderful human being.

Lonnie touched so many people, but what made Lonnie so special is that he truly made a difference in thousands of lives, including mine.

He never tired of getting his message out… make money work for you instead of working for money; take responsibility for your life and there are no limits to how far you can go. He made a career out of stripping away the pretense of how to create wealth, using simple language and simple principles. It’s testament to his impact that probably 98% of the people involved online in real estate can explain a “Lonnie deal”.

Well done Lonnie, and thank you for giving us your best.

With love and sadness,


I just received this news via phone call from a fellow investor. I had the good fortune to meet Lonnie a number of times and shared many an after-hours networking session talking details and strategies. His advice and teachings profoundly changed my life in ways I cannot begin to describe.

My family and I mourn his loss, and thank him for choosing to use his gift of teaching to help so many others. We are better for having known him.


Ditto Ray!

Lonnie was an all-time great in the REI world and was a terrific inspiration to all who knew him and read his works.

L & I’d have a chat at the CRE conventions and he was always the consummate southern gentleman.

Vaya con Dios Lonnie and look forward to seeing you again in the Great Eternal!

Until we meet again Lonnie

The world lost a great man yesterday!

I will never forget the times that I spent off to the side speaking with Lonnie, a more caring giving person you couldn’t have met… Joanne The fire and pride that shown in your eyes when Lonnie was recognized for his achievements was most evident. He will be miss by many and never forgotten by those who’s lives he touched! My best to you and the rest of your family and loved ones.

I have been long absent from these forums but always enjoy and learn something from the emails sent from the CREOnline community. It was with deep sadness that I learned of Lonnie’s untimely passing. I’ve been to many different seminars including one where he invited us to spend a few hours at his house with his “squirrel-dog” wife Joanne. He was such a selfless person and a true gentleman. Lonnie - you will be missed.


Lonnie’s book was first one I did read about REI world. He gave me the feeling of right numbers, so the same year I bought my first investment property with confidence that I know what I am doing. He is my great teacher and always will be, because he gave me his mindset. Beside he left his spirit in so many souls that could be considered as being still with us, at least this is something that I strongly believe.

My condolences to his family.

R.I.P Lonnie. You will be missed

R.I.P Lonnie. You will be missed. I never had the forune, to meet you in person. But I always found your articles and books, to be informative. The Real estate game, has lost a true player.

A little late to this thread, I haven’t been on this site since the horrible decision was made to abolish the MH forums, which were vibrantly active at the time.

Lonnie’s books and friendship changed my life forever. Hundreds of “Lonnie deals” later, I can safely say that my family enjoys a lifestyle we likely never would have had he not written his books and given me personal encouragement along the way.

For those on the fence about doing your first deal, whatever that may be, I can think of no better tribute to Lonnie than just getting it done.

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