Lonnie---thanks for fast delivery...no sleep tonite for me! - Posted by Michelle

Posted by Lonnie on May 08, 2000 at 19:42:32:

Hi Michelle,

If I were you, my first order of business would be to offer to buy this guy lunch and make friends with him. He could be a gold mine of info to help you in the biz. And who knows, some day he might want to sell that park. Any idea who might want to buy it?

Best wishes,


Lonnie—thanks for fast delivery…no sleep tonite for me! - Posted by Michelle

Posted by Michelle on May 08, 2000 at 17:21:13:

Hey, Lonnie…

Thanks for getting Deals on Wheels to me so fast! Ordered on Tuesday and got it today…I won’t be getting much sleep tonight. I’ll be up turning the pages.

On another note…I got up the nerve to call a park owner that owns a very small park in a town a few miles away. I had called on an ad for a 2 br. home and found out it was in his park. Called him and he was very helpful…turns out he has been in the mh biz for 30 some years; he’s now retired from selling and financing homes and just has his small (14 lots) park now. What a fountain of information! He gave me the names of people to call who have access to lots of repos, park manager names, which parks are the best to deal with in this area, etc. He sounded just like you Lonnie, down-home and full of wisdom!

Get this, I told him which home I had called about in the ad (I haven’t seen it yet) and he told me it would probably sell for $5,500 with owner financing, and “As a matter of fact” he said, “I know someone who would probably buy it from you for that…a couple that want to have a mh here and one in Arizona for the winters”. HMMMMM…gonna have to check it out, I think.

Anyway, thanks again!

Michelle :slight_smile: