Looking for advice, not a handout... - Posted by John

Posted by darlene knight on April 12, 1999 at 17:16:48:

Pat, I read what you said to John. I did send off for the tape/introduction. It sounds good. I’m a teacher/first grade and also have a re license. I do believe in re investing. It’s just does it work or is it crative finance?

Looking for advice, not a handout… - Posted by John

Posted by John on April 11, 1999 at 23:56:14:

Let me take a minute to explain to you where I am coming from (I am sorry this is so long but please bear with me)…

I am 26 years old, self employed, and have been working 80+ hour weeks for the last 4 years to build my photography business. I started out having a job I loved to do and was, if I may say so myself, very good at.

After 4 years I am tired. I am tired and I am burned out. I continue to work 12-15 hour days 6 to 7 days a week but my heart is just not in it anymore. I am looking for something new.

I have always had an interest in real estate investing but have had no idea how to go about getting started. As hard as I work I still do not have enough money to start investing through conventional means.

I am not looking for a handout and I will not waste anyone’s time. What I want is some real advicefrom people that have had success with investing. IS the CS Program worth me taking time away from my business to study? From what I have heard from the few people that responded to my original post the answer would be no. If CS is not the place to start then what is?

There are so many options available. Which ones are the best (not easiest…BEST)? I would appreciate any advice that anyone can give me.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.

By the way…I am in the Dallas/Fort Worth area if that makes any difference.

John P Russell

Re: Looking for advice, not a handout… - Posted by PAT

Posted by PAT on April 12, 1999 at 24:43:21:

I would recomend it highly, except for 1 thing----
that is if you want to stay where your at right now(in your life) .
doing the same things making the
same money , doing the same things, then don’t buy it.
But if you look inside yourself and say you will DO THE PROGRAM
NOT , don’t try. it’s different it’s not anything you will have
done before (looking for deals, talking to
strangers, asking questions. ) doing things different to what you have
become use to,is CHANGE
and change is not easy— BUT it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!
you see 4 years ago I bought the Carlton Sheets program ---- I never
opened the box i put it on
shelf for 3 years! last year i was working the same thing job I was 3
years before and got MAD ,
fed up , torked off, and tired of some small person in controll of my
wife & My life , who didn’t have
our best intrests in mind when they hired us–
It was Easter last year I started to open the boxand listen to the
ways to find a way out now we
own 37 houses in just the past 12 mo. and we do everything differently.
I’ll send a copy of a check
we got yesterday if you send your address- it will tell you the thuth of
wether or not to change–

it worked for me but I wanted to change that is the key

write me