Looking for any RE attorneys/investors in N Chicago area - Posted by davey

Posted by chris on January 15, 2000 at 18:33:32:

Check with these RE Investors clubs. At least a few such as the one in Gurnee are in that area. The others may not be so close. The investors can lead you to a good attorney. If you want to read up on this material for yourself check out the articles on this website in the Legal Corner written by William Bronchick. He also has a website at www.legalwiz.com.

Lake County Apartment Owners Association
Contact: Paul J. Sprenger
Telephone: (847) 855-5974
When: 3rd Tuesday of the Month 6:30pm
(None in Jul or Aug)
Where: Holiday Inn
Grand Ave, West of I94, Gurnee

Ben Franklin Investment Club
Contact: Grant DeNormandie
Telephone: (773) 731-8010
When: 4th Thursday 7:00pm
Where: Warsaw Inn, McHenry

Freeport Area Landlord Association
Contact: Jilly Whiting
Telephone: (815) 233-4663
When: 4th Monday of each month - 7:00pm
4th Tuesday in May, June & July - 7:00pm
Where: Four Seasons Bowling Alley, Freeport

Chicago Creative Investors Association
Contact: Jane Garvey
Telephone: (630) 858-4663
When: 3rd Sunday of the Month 6:00pm
Where: Hillside Holiday Inn, Chicago-Regional

Illinois Rental Property Owners Association
Contact: Jane Garvey
Telephone: (630) 415-0543
When: Varies (call) 10:00am
Where: Amanda Brookes Apartments, Chicago

Real Estate Investors Association (R.E.I.A.)
Contact: Brad Nelson
Telephone: (618) 463-2337
When: 2nd Thursday of Each Month 7:30pm
Where: Stratford Hotel, Alton

Metro East Landlords Association
Contact: Donn Schaefer
Telephone: (618) 233-8446
When: 1st Monday of the Month 6:30pm
Where: Eagles Lodge @ 940 Calif. St., Collinsville

Sauk Valley Landlord Association
Contact: Gathe Thicksten
Telephone: (815) 626-3519
When: 3rd Thursday of the Month 7:00pm
Where: Sterling Federal Bank
110 E. 4th St., Sterling

Looking for any RE attorneys/investors in N Chicago area - Posted by davey

Posted by davey on January 15, 2000 at 17:57:19:

I am a new investor and would like to get some legal advise regarding L.L.C and Incorporating. Would prefer a lawyer with RE investment experience. I don’t want to make to many dumb mistakes. Thank you